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Thierno M. Sow

Three major achievements


Motto.: My naivety is my compass.

♔ Valedictorian, Thierno M. Sow is a seasoned Polymath and a Top-Notch Analyst.

⋆ → In Mathematics, he proved the Riemann Hypothesis and the abc-conjecture, such engrossing puzzles were deemed unbreakable. Likewise, he received the honor to be the first black invited to deliver the Keynote at the International Congress of Mathematicians. His abstract has been top selected over 2,200 abstracts from 110 countries.

⋆⋆ → In Economics and Finance, he predicted glowingly the 2008 economic crisis, barely two days after the CDO Abacus 2007-AC1 has been released, in spite of the lack of telltale signs to goad the forecast.

⋆⋆⋆ → In International Relations and Diplomacy, he advised the President Barack Obama the re-establishment of U.S.-Cuba ties, which has been emphasized by Obama, in his December 17th 2014 celebrated remarks, as: “the most significant changes in our policy in more than fifty years”.

▣ Selected Book.:
The Soft Power.

▣ Selected Invention.:
The Most Disruptive Innovation In Cryptography.

▣ Seminal Article.:
Riemann Shatters The Gordian Knot.

▣ Selected Talk.:
Artificial Intelligence for Good Summit.

Expérience professionnelle

Expert consultant


Depuis le 01 décembre 2004

Parcours officiels

Sciences Po Paris – MASTER DE RECHERCHE IEP PARIS – MR Relations Internationales – 2008