ALUMNI WORLD TOUR : Montreal (#2) - Exploring the Canadian Far North and Arctic : can we reconcile climate change and shipping?

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December 1st, 18:30 (Paris), 12:30 (Montreal)
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Evidence from scientists and local residents shows that the Canadian Far North has been strongly impacted by climate warming over the past 15 years, with dramatic implications for human and wildlife populations. As a result, how can shipping companies in the area can contribute to tackle environmental concerns ?

We have the pleasure to take you on a fascinating journey to the Candian Far North and the Arctic with our special guests and experts.


Pascale Bourbonnais: Pascale Bourbonnais holds a Master’s degree in Geography from Université de Montréal, with a specialization in Arctic shipping and Polar climatology. Since joining Fednav in 2011 as a member of the Ice Services team, she has developed an expertise in ice dynamics and navigation in ice, namely by having sailed on Fednav icebreakers in Canadian Arctic waters on numerous occasions. Pascale now leads the commercial development of the company’s ice navigation support system, IceNav, and engages in various research and development activities including with academia. She actively participates in the provision of support to Fednav vessels sailing in ice and to the development of future Arctic shipping projects with the company.

Captain David (Duke) Snider: Captain David (Duke) Snider, is an ice pilot and ice navigator with extensive Arctic and ice navigation experience in Canadian, American, and Greenland waters, Arctic and Baltic waters, and the Gulf of St. Lawrence. He also has extensive tenure onboard coastal and offshore research vessels as Chief Officer and Master. He is the CEO and founder of Martech Polar Consulting, Ltd. a privately-owned company that provides global ice pilotage and navigation services in accordance with IMO Guidelines for Ships Operating in Polar Waters and Canadian Arctic Waters Pollution Prevention Regulations.

Heather Exner-Pirot: Heather Exner-Pirot is the Managing Editor of the Arctic Yearbook. She is a Board member with the Saskatchewan Indigenous Economic Development Network, The Arctic Institute, and the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation. She is a member of the GlobalArctic Mission Council and former chair of the Canadian Northern Studies Trust. She has previously  held positions at the University of Saskatchewan, the International Centre for Northern Governance and Development and the University of the Arctic, and completed her doctoral degree in political science at the University of Calgary in 2011. Her current research interests include Indigenous and northern economic development.


Mikaa Mered: Professor of Arctic & Antarctic Geopolitics, Hydrogen Geopolitics, and Head of DSRI Strategies and Overseas Environment at the Institut Libre d'Étude des Relations Internationales de Paris (ILERI). He also teaches at Sciences Po Paris, the Catholic University of Lille, and the École de Guerre where he is also responsible for the Safety and Environment Committee. Expert assessor to the European Commission and Chairman of the French Polar Cluster, his first book "Les Mondes Polaires" (PuF) received the 2020 Geopolitical Book Prize and the 2020 ILERI Geopolitical Essay Prize.


- Section Canada de Sciences Po Alumni
- HEC Alumni
- Association du double diplôme Sciences Po - HEC

With the help of Elisabeth RICHARD, Chairman of the Canada Section, Sciences Po Alumni

About the Alumni World Tour 2020

The Alumni World Tour is a one-week online forum launched by the Cercle Sciences Po - HEC Paris (Sciences Po Alumni) and sponsored by Sciences Po Alumni and HEC Alumni, which aims at gathering the communities of both institutions. From November 30th to December 4th, we will explore maritime issues during 5 live conferences with both Sciences Po and HEC Alumni Chapters in Marseille, Montreal, Moscow, Beirut, and Singapore.

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