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Whether you want to get promoted or to land a job in another organization, the interview is usually a key step.  

However, depending on the context and the interviewer, being able to answer in a compelling way to every question is a challenge.  

Most of the interview advice and training mostly give you a long list of generic questions to prepare and standard questions to ask to make a good impression.  

 Not only is this approach artificial but it does not enable you to differentiate yourself since everyone uses the same basic sources and advice. 

This webinar will enable you to go further by giving you the underlying principles of verbal communication behind a successful interview. So that you can answer with ease and poise whatever the question, even the trickiest one. 


The principles we will cover in this webinar have enabled senior executives, managers and high-level specialists to land remarkable jobs in coveted organizations – even in the challenging circumstances of a career change.




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